Department of English
1 Aparajita Dutta M.A in English
Specialization:- ELT
Pune University
B.Ed.,Date of Joining:-01/01/1994
2 Dolly Choudhury M.A in English
Specialization:- Phonetics
Gauhati University
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-01/02/2004
3 Nisha Devi M.A in English
Specialization:- American Literature
Cotton College
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-20/01/2006
4 Binoy Bikash Gogoi (HoD) M.A in English
Specialization:- ELT
Tezpur University
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-01/08/2006
5 Jayanta Deka M.A in English
Specialization:- ELT
Pune University
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-16/06/2009
6 Gopen Barman M.A in English
Specialization:- Indian English
Gauhati University
B.Ed.,Date of Joining:-28/01/2011
7 Jyotirekha Kalita M.A in English
Specialization:- Indian English Literature
Gauhati University
L.L.B- Dispur College,
B.Ed.,Date of Joining:-29/05/2012
8 Jyotirupa Das M.A in English
Specialization:- Indian English Literature
Gauhati University
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-04/10/2012
9 Pallavi Dutta M.A in English
Specialization:- Genre studies
Tezpur University
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-21/09/2015
10 Jita Gogoi M.A in Linguistics and Language Technology
Specialization:- Field Linguistics
Tezpur University
D.EL.Ed.,Date of Joining:-02/02/2017
11 Dimple Talukdar M.A in English Language and English Language Teaching

Specialization:- ELT
Gauhati University
Date of Joining:-20/02/2018

12 Bhaktimala Saikia M.A in English
IDOL, Gauhati University
B.Ed.,Date of Joining:-05/08/2019
13 Priom Saikia M.A in English Language and English Language Teaching
Gauhati University,D.EL.Ed
Date of Joining:-01/04/2021
14 Arpita Devi M.A. in English, B.Ed., PGDCA
Date of Joining:-22/05/2023
15 Karishma Khabir M.A. in English Language and ELT , B.Ed.
Date of Joining:-01/06/2023
16 Madhusmita Devi M.A. in English
Gauhati University
Date of Joining:-01/09/2023
17 Neha Bora M.A in Linguistics,

Specialized in Computational Linguistics

Banaras Hindu University, B.Ed.
Date of Joining:-11/09/2023

Department of Assamese
1. Aparajita Bora



Date of Joining- 01/01/2001

2. Pallavi Goswami M.A in Sanskrit,
Gauhati University,
B.ed,Date of Joining- 1/06/2004
3. Kabita Patgiri M.A in Assamese,
Specialization- Literature and Language,
Gauhati University,
D.el.ed,Date of Joining- 1/01/2006
4. Kantasri Goswami M.A in Sanskrit,
Specialization- Kavya,
Gauhati University,
B.ed,Date of Joining- 17/05/2010
5. Dr. Lipimoni Dutta (HoD) M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Literature
Dibrugarh University
Phd.Date of Joining:-23/02/2012
6. Dr. Sudipta Choudhury M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Language
Gauhati University
M.Phil, Phd, D.El.Ed,Date of Joining:-21/08/2012
7. Palash Kr. Nath M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Language
Gauhati University
D.EL.ED,Date of Joining:-02/01/2013
8. Bhaskarjyoti Haloi M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Literature
Gauhati University
D.EL.ED,Date of Joining:-31/12/2012
9. Himadri Bora M.A in Assamese,
Specialization- Literature,
Dibrugarh University,
D.el.ed,Date of Joining- 18/03/2014
10. Dipak Konch M.A in Assamese,
Specialization- Literature,
Cotton College,
D.el.ed.Date of Joining- 1/08/2015
11. Gayatri Saikia M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Language
Gauhati University
B.ED,Date of Joining:-23/05/2017
12. Dolan Borah M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Literature
Gauhati University
D.EL.ED,Date of Joining:-19/03/2018
13. Bobishmita Saikia M.A in Assamese
Specialization:- Literature
Gauhati University
B.ED,Date of Joining:-01/09/2018
14. Jiten Goswami M.A. in Assamese

Date of Joining:-01/11/2021

15. Manashjyoti Sarma M.A. in Assamese
Gauhati University
Date of Joining:-30/03/2024
16. Pankhi Mahanta M.A. in Assamese
Gauhati University
Date of Joining:-30/03/2024
Department of Hindi
1. Raghunath Kumar (HoD) M.A in Hindi,
Gauhati University,
Prabeen from Assam Rastravasha Prachar Samiti
Date of Joining- 26/03/1996
2. Utpal Deka M.A in Hindi,
Gauhati University,
Date of Joining-02/05/2019
3. Himashree Deka

M.A -Gauhati University,

PGDT-Meghalaya Rastrabhasa Prasar Samiti
Date of Joining-01/01/2021

4. Sunita Baruah M.A Gauhati University,
PGDT-Meghalaya Rastrabhasa Prasar Samiti
Date of Joining-01/01/2021
Department of Mathematics
1 Juthika Patowary M.Sc. in Economics,
Specialization- Econometrics in Mathematical Economics,
Gauhati University
B.ed,Date of Joining- 01/01/1997
2 Ghanashyam Medhi


M.Sc. in Mathematics,
Gauhati University,
Date of Joining-01/01/1997
3 Rabindra Barman


M.Sc. in Mathematics,
Gauhati University,
Date of Joining-01/01/2001
4 Gitanjali Devi M.Sc. in mathematics.
Date of Joining: 04-01-2005.
5 Nibedita Talukdar


M.Sc. in Mathematics
specialisation:Pure Mathematics
University:Gauhati university .
M. Phil. B.Ed. PGDCA ,
Date of Joining:- 28/01/2009
6 Nabajyoti Talukdar M.Sc. in Physics from Gauhati University,
M.phil in Nano Technology from Punjab National University,
D.el.ed,Date of Joining- 27/01/2009
7 Kalyani Patgiri M.Sc in MATHEMATICS
B.Ed, PGDCA,Date of Joining: 01-01-2012
8 Banalee Bauah Kashyap

M.Sc in Mathematics

Specialization-Applied Mathematics

Gauhati University

Date of Joining:-18/06/2013

9. Hiranya Kalita M.Sc in Mathematics,

Gauhati University
Specialization-Applied Mathematics,

D. El. Ed,

Date of Joining- 20/09/2010 to 31/03/2020, Rejoin On 01/11/2021

10. Bikash Talukdar

M.Sc in Mathematics,

Gauhati University,

Date of Joining:- 01/04/2021

11. Nabajit Deka

M.Sc in Statistics,

Gauhati University

Date of Joining:- 01/11/2021

12. Bidan Medhi M.Sc in Mathematics,
Gauhati UniversitySpecialization Applied Mathematics,Date of Joining:- 14/08/2023
13. Rajashree Lahkar M.Sc in Mathematics,
Gauhati UniversityDate of Joining:- 14/08/2023
Department of Science
1. Udaya Phukan M.Sc. in Botany,
Specialization- Plant Physiology,
Gauhati University,
B.ed,Date of joining- 28/4/1999
2. Pankaj Dutta


B.Sc in Physics, MA in Assamese
Date of joining- 03/05/2001
3. Amar Jyoti Kalita


M.Sc. in Electronics
Specialization- Digital Signal Processing,
Gauhati University,
Date of Joining – 1/1/2005
4. Diganta Talukdar M.Sc. in physics
Specialization- High energy,
Gauhati University,
M.phil, D.El.Ed,
Date of Joining – 1/1/2006
5. Banani Deka M.Sc. in Zoology
Specialization-Animal ecology and wildlife Biology
Guwahati University.
B.ed, Mphil, pdpet (appeared),
Date of Joining: – 27/09/10
6. Chayasmita Baishya M.Sc. in physics
Specialisation – Nanophysics,
Gauhati University
D.El.Ed,Date of Joining: 28/05/2012
7. Ranu Bujarbaruah B.Sc in Botany
Gauhati University,
Date of Joining – 28/05/2012
8. Sujit Kr. Neog B.Sc in Chemistry
J.B. College, Gauhati University,Date of Joining : – 01/01/2013
9. Sehnaz Akhtar Ahmed M.Sc. in Zoology
Specialisation : Biodiversity in conservation biology ,
Gauhati University
D. El. Ed, PGDCA
Date of Joining : 01/01/2013
10. Tulika Dutta M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry,
NIT (Silchar),
Date of Joining-08/02/2019
11. Mithun Deka M.Sc. in Physics
Specialization- nuclear physics Bodoland University,
Date of Joining- 11/2/2019
12. Angana Borah M.Sc. in Chemistry, B.Ed.
Date of Joining- 01/01/2022
13. Manash Jyoti Saikia M.Sc, MPhil in Physics
Date of Joining- 16/05/2022
14. Anurag Deka M.Sc. in Chemistry
Date of Joining- 01/07/2022
Department of Fine Art
1. Kunjar Das


Specialization- Applied Art
Gauhati University,Date of Joining:- 01/03/2004
2. Kandarpa Sarma BFA
Specialization- Sculpture
Gauhati University,Date of Joining:- 28/01/2011
3. Purabi Rani Borah BFA
Gauhati University,Date of Joining:-04/06/2012
Department of Co-curricular & Extra Curricular Activities
1 Druba Sarma HoD
2 Sujit Kr. Neog Dy. HoD
3 Rupankar Sarma Tabla
4 Biraj Das Tabla
5 Badan Chandra Das Tabla
6 Jitendra Baishya Tabla
7 Sujit Das Tabla
8 Mousam Kumar  Rajkhowa Tabla
9 Rubul Moni Das Tabla
10 Reena Chy. Sen Deka Violin
11 Shikhamoni Deka Violin
12 Monika Borah Vocal
13 Barnali Davi Vocal
14 Padumi Medhi Vocal
15 Atal Deka Vocal
16 Pradyut Mishra Vocal
17 Lipika Sharma Vocal
18 Tultul Sarma Vocal
19 Khagen Kalita Dance
20 Pradip Candra Kalita Dance
21 Palashi Kalita Dance
22 Priyakshree Pujari Dance
23 Sehnaz Sikha Rahman Dance
24 Abul Hussain Scout & Guide
25 Runu Swargiary Scout & Guide
26 Nayan Moni Kalita Scout & Guide
27 Pranjal Kr. Nath Scout & Guide
28 Radha Boro Scout & Guide
29 Kankan Deka Scout & Guide
30 Rajib Gogoi Fine Arts
31 Ranjit Mishra Fine Arts
32 Pranab Das Fine Arts
33 Hemangini Mazumder Fine Arts
34 Mrinal Das Fine Arts
35 Jotirekha Thakuria Fine Arts
36 Himadri Laskar Fine Arts
37 Arup Jyoti Haloi Fine Arts
38 Alpana Phukan Fine Arts
39 Dwipen Chandra Deka Fine Arts
40 Bhabesh Sarma Fine Arts
41 Jitumoni Baishya Fine Arts
42 Jayanta Bharali Fine Arts
43 Manoj Chakraborty Fine Arts
44 Khanindra Pathak Guitar
Department of Social Science
1. Aparna Devi MA in Economics

B.Ed.(Gauhati University),

Date of Joining:-01/01/1996

2. Ashim Krishna Boruah MA in History
Date of Joining:-03/07/1998
3. Nijara Gohain MA in Geography

Gauhati University

Date of Joining:-04/08/1999

4. Dhruba Sarma B.A.

Date of Joining:-07/06/2000

5. Sonalee Gogoi MA in History,

B.Ed., Dibrugarh University

Date of Joining:-01/08/2000

6. Chandana Medhi Choudhury MA in Education,

Specialization: Child Psychology And Adolescent Psychology.

Gauhati University,


Date of Joining:-21/09/2006

7. Manoshi Boruah (Dy. HoD) B.Sc. in Economics

Cotton College(GU),


Date of Joining:-05/02/2007

8. Kushal Goswami MA in Philosophy,

Specialization: Logic,

Gauhati University,

Date of Joining:-24/08/2009

9. Pronita Devi MA in Political Science,

Dibrugarh University,


Date of Joining:-01/06/2012

10. Runima Sarma MA in Political Science

Gauhati Univerity


Date of Joining- 01/08/2013

11. Runumi Kalita MA in Economics

Gauhati University,


Date of Joining:-07/05/2015

12. Parinita Chetia MA in Philosophy,

Gauhati Univerity,

B.Ed. Assam TET

Date of Joining:-02/03/2020

13. Navajit Boruah MA in History

Dibrugarh University,

Date of Joining:- 12/12/2022

14. Mousumi Devi MA in Education, B.Ed.,

Date of Joining:-17/01/2023

15. Trishna Goswami MA in History, B.Ed, CTET, ATET,
Date of Joining:-01/04/2023
16. Dhritiman Deka MA in Sociology,
Date of Joining:-01/02/2024
Department of Computer Science
1. Jiri Barman M.Sc. in Information Technology
Sikkim Manipal University,D.el.ed,
Date of joining- 31/03/2008
2. Navaneeta Ray



DOEACC ‘A’ level, D.el.ed

Date of joining- 18/04/2011

3. Rupjyoti Chetia M.Sc. in Information Technology,
Gauhati University,D.el.ed,
Date of joining- 01/06/2011
4. Jonali Devi MCA

Gauhati University,

Date of joining-08/09/2016

1. Jahnabi Barua M.A. Education, M.A. in Communication and Journalism
Gauhati University,B.ed, PDPET
Date of Joining- 11/5/2010
Pre-School Section
Pre-School Teachers
1. Alaka Goswami B.A ,
Gauhati University,
Date of joining- 09/06/1997
2. Juri Goswami M.A in Assamese,
Gauhati University, B.ed,
Date of joining- 1/1/1999
3. Juli Saikia


M.A in Assamese ,
Dibrugarh University, D.el.ed,
Date of joining- 1/2/2010
4. Madhusmita Devi BA in Philosophy,
Gauhati University,Diploma in Montessori Teacher Trainning, D.el.ed,
Date of joining- 12/10/2012
5. Namita Devi B. A.
Date of joining – 01/04/2015
6. Nabanita Kalita MA in Assamese,
6 Months Montessori Diploma from PERI,PGDCA from CEC,
Date of joining- 01/08/2019
7. Rumi Kalita MA in Education,
6 Months Montessori Teacher Training Course ,DCA from CEC,
Date of joining- 01/02/2020
8. Susmita Paul BA, D.EL.ED
3 Months Montessori Teacher Training Diploma
Date of joining- 30/03/2023
9. Nirmali Karjee B.A. (P.Sc.Honours),Montessori trained
Date of joining- 30/03/2023
Physical Training
1. Kusum Dihingia Bachelor of Physical Education, Dibrugarh University,
Date of joining- 18-02-2019
1. Simanta Kalita Master of Library and Information Science,
IGNOU, D.el.ed,
Date of joining- 03/08/2015
Asst. Librarian
1. Pushpanjali Koch Master of Library and Information Science,
Gauhati University,
Date of joining-01/02/2019