Assess While Learning
The Co-curricular subjects of AJB are – Drawing,Vocal , Tabla,Violin,Bharat Nattyam, Satriya, Scout & Guide and Sculpture
There is no Unit test for the Co-curricular subjects. Students are assessed through continuous evaluation based on the syllabus assigned for each subject. For each subject, students are evaluated out of 200; 100 before Half-yearly and another 100 before the annual examination. It is important to note that thereis no Theory Examination for students from class II to class V . On the other hand ,students from VI to X have to appear for the theory examination of 30 marks in the Half-Yearly and Annual .
Based on the syllabus, marks have been assigned against each subject matter of all the subjects. The respective teachers assess the students based on their performance in the class. The progress report of each student is available in the ‘Note-Book ‘ . At the year end the marks are put in the mark sheet of the student.